Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Invitation to Key West

The Key West Citizen publishes an editorial today out of the Tampa Tribune.

At Tuesday nights Key West City Commission meeting, Commissioner Yaniz took note of what Tampa is doing and initiated what we hope will be an invitation to Cuban officials to come to Key West to open a dialogue between the two cities with the longest history together.

Tampa officials recently went to Havana for an "educational exchange" under the U.S. government's people-to-people license program.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome Home Yoani Sanchez the “Tube Worm”

Welcome Home Yoani Sanchez the “Tube Worm” - Cuba's Havana

"Apparently insignificant, tube worms play an extremely important ecological role. They burrow into the ground, opening up holes through which oxygen can reach plant roots. Their excretions are also an excellent fertilizer for these plants.
"There are many opinions I do not share with Yoani Sanchez (I don’t follow her blog much either), but if her provocations, complaints, brilliant ideas or cyber-gossip helps shake the permafrost, the frozen subsoil of Cuban politics, then, hell, my respects to the tube worm."
Erasmo Cazadilla