Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Los Van Van

As all eyes turn to Haiti and the devastation wrought there by the recent earthquake, we are diverted from other places and other events that command our attention but don't get it.

It's hard to stay informed about so many things.  It's easier to take note and move on to where the mainstream media want to bring us, where our 'leaders' would have us look.  When a magician does it it's called misdirection, a deliberate move to have the observer look elsewhere while the performer palms a coin, or brings a card to the top -- or takes a rabbit out of an empty hat.

My attention came back to Cuba yesterday with the news that Los Van Van, Cuba's premiere salsa band, would be starting a 2010 world tour here in Key West on January 28th with a concert at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.  It's a good venue for a large crowd and it's bound to draw one, even at a $30 p/p admission charge.  Here's a taste of the music.

The commenting on the Citizen article [subscription required] has gone hot and heavy among the Fidelistas, the Batistitas, and the rest of us who'd just like to hear some muy caliente latin music under the stars.

Can't we all get along?